sock drive

Just think about it. The homeless get a lot of clothing donations – coats,shirts and pants. But what about socks?
“A homeless person getting some clothing from a charitable organization may get just about everything-except socks.”
When you have a coat or shirt or pants you no longer need you probably donate these items. But what about your old socks? They are probably worn-out and have holes,so they get thrown away.

October 1th – November 20th

Requesting NEW socks of all sizes for homeless men, women and children. It’s a great way to show our communities how Bridging the Gap makes this world warmer.
We encourage everyone to get involved by either donating socks to: 2901 Campus Rd. Brooklyn, NY 11210
Tangar Hillel at Brooklyn College: 2901 Campus Rd. Brooklyn, NY 11210

Hillel at Baruch: 55 Lexington Ave – The Ruth and Sam Perelson Suite, Room 3-250A New York, New York 10010

 or making a contribution donate HERE:

  • Choose YOUR school from the list
  • Price: $5.00 Quantity:
    Your donation of just $5 will help us buy and deliver 4 pairs of new socks to homeless and disadvantaged youth. Your donation of $18 will provide a new pair each month for a year for 1 person.